Creative Minds International PCS


3700 North Capitol Street NW
Washington, DC 20011

Ward 5

Friday, November 4th, 2016


Creative Minds International Public Charter School (CMI) was founded with the goal of offering students a rigorous education plan that provides them with the skills required for successful participation in a global society. To accomplish his mission, the leaders at CMI have designed a highly-engaging program, based on an international, project- and arts-based curriculum that includes foreign language instruction as well as standards-based literacy and mathematics. CMI is the only public school in Washington, DC to use the International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and the International Middle Years Curriculum (IMYC).

In August 2015, CMI transitioned into a new building that has provided the space to serve a greater number of students, to build new relationships, to join together as a supportive and collaborative CMI community, and to expand their program to serve Middle School students. Please join the First Fridays team at Creative Minds International PCS on November 4th, 2016 at their new campus on North Capitol Street.


Eagle Academy PCS at Congress Heights

3400 Wheeler Road SE
Washington, DC 20032

Ward 8

Friday, October 7th, 2016


Eagle Academy, founded in 2003, was the DC’s first charter school focused exclusively on Early Childhood. Since then, they have grown from 117 children to serving over 700 students and their families in grades PreK-3. Eagle Academy prides itself in building a solid foundation for each student by creating a rich, robust academic program geared to enhance their development; using appropriate, evidence-based practices and a strong commitment to building social competence, emotional well-being, and individual cognitive growth. Their students are given the opportunity to learn through high levels of hands-on, creative and imaginative experiences while fostering a sense of joy for life-long learning.


In 2013, they invested in design and renovations of the Wheeler Road SE campus including tremendous investments in IT infrastructure and their first swimming pool for students and their families

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